Dear Allergy Asthma Clinic Patients,

We are continuously monitoring the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. The health of our patients, staff, and providers is our top priority.

Patients with respiratory diseases are at higher risk for complications from viral infections, including COVID-19. It is more important now than ever to keep up with your treatment plan. Please continue taking your medications and allergy injections as prescribed.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advise frequent hand washing, avoiding close contact with individuals who are sick, and avoiding large gatherings. This is an especially difficult time because it is also an allergy season. Many people are sneezing, coughing, and have a runny nose due to high pollen counts.

We are taking a number of steps to reduce possible viral transmission in our offices. Thankfully, our community has not been affected by COVID-19 as much as the rest of the country. We hope that with current preventive measures in place, the number of patients affected by the virus will remain low.

  1. If you have a fever or feel sick, please do not come to our office. We are unable to test for coronavirus, and there is currently no treatment for COVID-19. If you need treatment for asthma or sinusitis we can provide care over the phone. We are experiencing heavy loads of phone calls at this time, thus our response time may be delayed.
  2. We are frequently cleaning and disinfecting the most exposed and touched surfaces, such as door handles, chair arms, and counters.
  3. In order to reduce the number of patients in our waiting rooms we are taking the following steps:
  4. We are extending shot hours in our Surprise office on Thursday, the hours now will be 9 am to 5:30 pm, last shot at 5 pm.
  5. The nurses will identify patients that may wait in their cars or outside the lobby after receiving their allergy injections.
  6. If possible, please try to avoid peak times for allergy shots. Typical peak times are as follows: Chandler 4-5 pm, Clarendon 9-12 pm, Greenway 3-5 pm, and Surprise 9-12 pm.
  7. We have spaced out and reduced the number of chairs in our waiting areas.
  8. Sick calls will be triaged, and patients may be scheduled for telephone services with our providers as much as possible.We are committed to provide the best care possible for our patients. We will provide updates with any changes as necessary.

Sincerely, Bart Leyko, M.D. & Chris Couch, M.D.

For more information on Coronavirus please visit CDC.GOV