In the News: USA Today article by Dr. Chris Couch, May 2018

Dr. Chris Couch was invited to write an article for USA Today entitled "Ask A Doc: Can I Do Anything To Ensure My Newborn Doesn't Develop Allergies". The article appears in the All The Moms section of the news website.…/newborns-allergy-deve…/620669002/ .

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AAC’s Dr. Mark S. Schubert Presents Lecture at 2018 Mayo Clinic Conference Dedicated to Management of Sinus Disease

The Mayo Clinic School of Continuous Professional Development held their annual conference this month. The three day conference was titled 'Tackling Problematic Sinusitis: Evolving Towards Personalized Management 2018'.

Dr. Mark S. Schubert, M.D.,Ph.D. of the Allergy Asthma Clinic presented a lecture on the 'Management of Allergy and Immunodeficiency in the CRS (chronic rhinosinusitis) Patient'. 

View the conference program here.

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