Immunotherapy (allergy shots) targeting aeroallergens is a safe and effective treatment for allergic rhinitis and allergic asthma, with potential disease-modifying effects. A recent systematic review analyzed randomized trial data on the safety and effectiveness of immunotherapy for patients with Atopic Dermatitis (eczema). A comprehensive review identified 23 randomized controlled trials comparing immunotherapy with placebo or standard care for treatment of Atopic Dermatitis. The data included a total of 1,957 patients in 13 countries. Most studies included a mix of children, adolescents, and adults with moderate to severe eczema, primarily sensitized to house dust mite. Analyses suggested significant improvements in eczema severity with immunotherapy. Allergy shots improved quality of life, itch, sleep disturbance and eczema flares. Based on this study, immunotherapy is currently recommended for moderate to severe eczema, with shared decision-making to discuss the benefits and the risks of therapy